Mystic Emporium

Mystic Emporium

Mystic Emporium is a cute time management game with a spooky theme
The program is available on Software Informer but it is discontinued on the developer's site
No longer supported by the developer

Mystic Emporium is a cute time management game in which you are a kind of a wizard who owns a magic shop. You basically create different potions for different customers. The potions include a variety of elements that must be perfectly combined and then delivered to the customer as fast as possible. As in all time management games, the characters have different levels of patience and this influences the money they give you. At each level you need to achieve a certain goal in the allotted time. If you manage to reach an expert goal, you can get different collectible trophies. In between the levels, you can also buy some upgrades for your shop like extra cauldrons, that help you do things faster, thus satisfying your customers and getting more money. There is also a mini-game in between levels that helps you earn useful things like speed or higher tips. This mini-game is always the same, a three-match game, in which you must eliminate three or more adjacent objects of the same color.

Graphics are detailed and very attractive, and the music is spooky, but gets somewhat annoying after some time. I like that Lily moves fast, which is a thing not usually present in these games. All in all, Mystic Emporium is a very enjoyable and fast-faced time management game that offers a challenging and charming experience for many types of players.

Silvana Mansilla
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Review summary


  • Cute graphics,
  • Great variety of characters and potions
  • Nice, collectible trophies
  • Upgrades
  • Challenging and fast-paced


  • Music can get annoying after some time
  • Only one type of mini-game
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